Lake productions focuses on diversity-oriented films about marginalized communities and aims to provide platforms for voices that don’t often get heard.



Emmy nominated Oregon Art Beat episode. Produced, written and directed by Jon Garcia for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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Feel like running 

National Award winning video, Paste Magazine 2016.

Sunken Ships



Feeling Hope


The yards



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sex weather

Sex Weather explores modern love and relationships in a new era where gender, race, and sexuality blend, exposing the true heart of an individual where people can fall in love, not with the idea of one another, but with their soul. Traditional perceptions challenge our evolving views on love and sex and what it means to be in love. Is it something that even exists at all?

room to grow

 Room To Grow is a new family docu-series currently in production chronicling the joys & challenges facing today's LGBTQ+ teens & their allies. The series offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of young people and families today on their search for identity & healing. 


The following projects are currently in development


Strictly for the Birds

STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDS (working title) SYNOPSIS “Strictly for the Birds” is the story of how Kate Birdsall, a woman who transitioned in her late sixties met and fell in love with her now partner Andrea Drury. Each of them with two past marriages, found one another under the least likely of circumstances and unexpectedly fell in love over the course of just a few dates. This is a love story that proves it's never too late to make life-changing decisions that ensure you are living your life the way up were meant to.


Choose your family.

A pair of brothers, inseparable since boyhood, fight with and for each other to become the fighters – and the men – they are destined to be.

Written, directed and produced by Jon Garcia with Jeremy McLaughlin (Producer/Writer), Myles Lawrence (Asst. Director/Producer) and Stephanie Salvey (Line Producer).

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The Patient: The Cost of Cancer

THE PATIENT chronicles the lives of cancer patients of various income brackets and cultural backgrounds, offering an up-close and intimate glimpse into their day-to-day as they work through their diagnosis and the complications that exist due to chemotherapy.



Latino LGBT feature film.

Ruben, 25 years old, and Carlos, 28 have just become cell mates in a Texas minimum security prison. Carlos, has been there for a year for manslaughter and Ruben is in for armed robbery. While Ruben learns the ropes of daily life in prison, Carlos doesn’t do much to help him learn how things works, he lets him discover that for himself how to survive in this world. One day while Ruben finds himself at the hands of 3 other men out of site of the guards, Carlos comes to his aid and helps him. When the prison guards look to blame Carlos for the fiasco, Ruben takes the wrap and spends time in solitary, when he gets out, he finds his friendship with Carlos has strengthened. The two begin to form a close bond that leads to a sexual relationship.

Ruben begins to teach inmates English and sign language for he has a sister who is hearing impaired and Carlos teaches Ruben how to paint. In their cell, that has no window, they draw a one with a valley and sun, a reminder that there is something brighter after this time in their lives, but also illuminating that you can have light even a place of darkness like prison.

When Carlos gets out two years before Ruben, he starts a new life outside.

Ruben goes to find his old friend after his release and discovers Carlos has a girlfriend and a baby boy. The two struggle to find a place in each other’s lives and try to make sense of what they felt locked in a cell together for years.

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Lake Productions was created in 2009 by Jon Garcia when he began production on his first feature film Tandem Hearts. Since then he has produced five more features. LAKE specializes in music videos, documentaries, commercials, independent films and behind-the-scenes documentation.


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Jon Garcia

Emmy-nominated Latino American Producer/Writer/Director/Musician 

Portland based filmmaker Jon Garcia has released 6 feature length movies in varying genres in his short career as a filmmaker, including the cult trilogy of The Falls, The Falls:Testament of Love, and The Falls:Covenant of Grace. His motion pictures have screened in film festivals all over the world, have been in worldwide distribution with Breaking Glass Pictures, and have been available on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and iTunes. Jon is the founder of Portland based LAKE Productions.

Garcia was nominated for an Emmy in 2016 for producing and directing original content on the weekly show Oregon Artbeat for Oregon Public Broadcasting. He has worked regularly with the Amazon crew in Brooklyn, NY to create original fashion videos with Amazon products and he has worked on over 40 videos for Wacom, an international creative hardware company.

As a musician, Jon Garcia is the singer-songwriter for his two self-produced studio albums, has performed soundtracks on award winning feature films, had a popular song on BBC radio in the UK, and is the music supervisor for all his films. He has also written and performed his music on his own films as well as for other filmmakers and he often sings professionally on stage and in the studio. 

Jon is a trained actor having studying under Kathryn Gately and Richard Poole at the Gately-Poole Conservatory in Chicago. 

As a novelist, Garcia co-wrote a book based on his screenplay The Falls which is distributed by Dreamspinner Press and in late 2017 Eric B. Olsen will release the Garcia biography The Films of Jon Garcia 2009-2013 with a target market of film schools and fans alike.

Currently Jon runs his entity, Lake Productions, a full service production company which specializes in production and post production of narrative feature films, documentaries, commercials, and music videos. He participates in the sound design and editing of all his pictures.The music video Feel like Running which Garcia produced & directed, won Paste Magazine’s national music video of the year and he directed “Homeless The musical” for the stage in 2017 as part of the Fertile Ground Festival.

Jon Garcia is known for his universal stories, his directorial eye, his visually striking pictures and his high level of execution and delivery. His current motion picture, Sex Weather, was shot in under two weeks and his 2016 release The Falls:Covenant of Grace was completed in an unheard of 15 weeks from principal photography to delivery.

Jon Garcia and LAKE Productions are currently seeking partnerships for film, TV, and new media for their 8 feature film/episodics that are in various stages of development & production.